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Bold Beginnings for Women Founder (win up to $25K) | North America

Opportunity Type: Competition, Conference, Grant

Country: Canada

Deadline: August 31st 2023

Bold Beginnings is for women under 30 with big ideas. Those chosen to attend from across North America share their vision.

One leaves with $25,000 - All leave knowing they’re capable and believed in, equipped with meaningful support. “Often what you need is someone who will believe in you, who will encourage you to believe in yourself”.

WHY I’m Tara Bosch. I founded SmartSweets - A company on a global mission to kick sugar.

Bold Beginnings exists so women with big ideas are empowered to know that they are infinitely capable of creating immense impact in the world and equipped with the golden nuggets of knowledge to bring their visions to life.

Deadline to apply is August 31st 2023

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