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SDSN SDG Coordinator | Global

Opportunity Type: Job

Country: Global

Deadline: Rolling

About SDSN Youth

The SDSN Youth is an initiative of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN - a program established by the former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in 2012 to mobilize global expertise around the implementation of the SDGs.

SDSN Youth is a network of 650+ member organizations from more than 85 countries. It was launched in 2015 to empower youth globally to create sustainable development solutions. SDSN Youth has more than 140 core team members (staff, volunteers,s and interns) working in more than 30 different countries across 20 regional/national networks. In addition to regional/national projects, the SDSN Youth team also leads global initiatives and programs including the Local Pathways Fellowship, the Youth Solutions Report, and other projects.

The SDG Students Program and SDG Coordinators

SDG Coordinators support SDSN Youth’s mandate by working in SDSN member universities around the world to mobilize university students around the SDGs.

SDG Coordinators operate under the SDG Students Program, which runs a global network of SDG Student hubs at universities to nurture effective lifelong advocates for sustainable development in their local and global communities.

As SDG Coordinator, you will become our representative and key mobiliser who run an SDG Student Hub with support from the SDG Students Program. Coordinators work to ensure that all students in their university/campus are aware of the SDGs, understand their importance to the wider community, and have opportunities to take action towards their implementation.

What are SDG Student Hubs?

The 3 core functions of the campus hub are as follows:

Educate students about sustainable development

  1. Working with the hub to engage the student body and educate them on the SDGs through regular events and workshops. In collaboration with the leadership, senior faculty members and teaching staff of the university promote the integration of SDGs into student orientation processes, extra-curricular activities, core syllabus, and other areas of learning and teaching.

Foster passion in sustainable development

  1. E.g., through hosting activities and trips related to local priority SDGs, collaborating with other local/global organisations, clubs, or SDG Hubs to link various interests and careers to the sustainable development framework

Equip and mobilise students to take action

  1. Connect students to resources provided by the Program on solution building, and provide local opportunities where the hub community can come together to design and implement solutions for accelerating local and national progress on the SDGs

The SDG Coordinator's Primary Responsibilities

  1. Establish and/or operate an SDG Student Hub* on campus and use it as a platform to build a community of students interested in taking action for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

  2. Manage the core operations of this SDG Student Hub through several processes, including:

    1. Recruitment - Promote the SDG Student Hub to fellow students, encouraging them to join the community and help facilitate their membership.

    2. Organise - with the hub community and leadership team - discuss, plan and allocate responsibilities for actioning the core functions of the hub

    3. Engagement - of the student community, both at the hub and with other student groups, to fulfil the core functions of the hub

    4. Community building - Arrange casual community gatherings and informal networking events to promote a sense of community and social ties between members.

*SDG Student Hubs co-exist alongside existing student societies and are meant as platforms to bring students together in a single space. More information will be provided if you are selected

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